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We Listened

Ok, we hear you. Thousands of fans keep telling us they want faster office chairs AND they want to look cool at the same time. Then they said, we want wheels that work well on hardwood floors, with no scratching and no noise. Ok, We get it. We all want to look cool at the office. That's why, at INVUS, faster casters are our passion.

We Searched

We scoured the planet for the coolest, fastest casters we could find - and after all our searching - we finally struck gold. Behold - the FasterCaster!

We Got More Dates

This thing is so good, you’ll get more dates, more promotions and people will probably offer to buy you coffee, just so they can hang out with you and maybe even sit in your chair.

Go on. You know you want to.

Today's summary for faster caster customers

Free Coffees
The first thing I noticed was how quiet these new wheels were, HUGE difference, very impressed!
- Helen B. Long Beach, California.
If you own an office chair, just do yourself a favor and experience the joy that is the rollerblade type wheel!
- Bryan. Golf, Illinois
Difference between old and new caster is night and day, cannot recommend highly enough.
- Paul. Seattle, Washington

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